«Every box mod is fully handcrasted»

Adamant Cloud Manufactury — handicraft traditions

It all starts with a concept.

Все начинается с идеи, концепции. Among all the diversity of the world, we stopped at the Old Norse Legend about Yggdrasil, which in different forms is present in the tales all around the world. Иггдрасиль Yggdrasil combines opposites and it is very similar to what we are trying to do: to unite traditions and modernity.

After tons of sketches the idea transforms to a real box mod.

Every box mod from Adamant Cloud is fully handmade, from silver engraving, to cutting and polishing stabilized wood lamellas. The whole work on one mod takes about a month.

«We create things with meaning and history. Боксмоды, Things, that the owner would be proud of.»
Grigory Markov