«Precious metals (gold and silver, stabilized wood, sapphire glass etc.)»

Treasures of Nature for Adamant Cloud customers

We choose the best of nature materials for our box mods.

The mission of the master is to transform the material to reveal his beauty. The wood is colored, stabilized and finished with oil, silver body is engraved, blackened and polished.

«Creating something special out of usual materials is always a challenge. Adamant Clouds’ box mods give a lot of space for design experiments»
Grigory Markov

The body of the box mod is made of Sterling Silver. Sterling silver has pure noble color and shine, but also very lasting and durable.

Sapphire glass

The LED display is protected by sapphire glass. It is very firm , scratch resistant and it's highly transparent. Sapphire glass protects dials of such world famous watches as Rolex, Azimuth, Patek Philippe.

Stabilized wood burl

A burl - is a tree growth in which the grain has grown in a deformed manner. After the stabilization wood burl will remain its’ appearance for a long time and became heat resistant (up to 250 ⁰С).

You can choose any material for youк box mod decoration.